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Curatorial process - Johannes Rigal for CUCR

Curatorial process – Johannes Rigal for CUCR

  One of the most interesting outcomes for Gasket is to see what the artwork and therefore the artists are able to do in different spaces, how these spaces are formed and how – through curatorial help – the photographs speak to each other. Johannes Rigal for CUCR In addition to his work with Gasket,...
Adrift in Vienna - The Opening

Adrift in Vienna – The Opening

On the 6th of June, Galerie Ruberl held the opening of our Adrift exhibition in Vienna. We were lucky enough to attend the opening and were incredibly happy with the response to the exhibition by both attendees and Ruberl. Open as part of Vienna’s informal Thursday night galleries, the exhibition was well attended and received...
Adrift in Vienna

Adrift in Vienna

With the arrival of the first tentative signs of Summer, we at Gasket are delighted to announce our collaboration with the Viennese Galerie Ruberl. One of the great strengths of having a team from such diverse backgrounds is the opportunities it provides to connect with people and spaces all across Europe. Galerie Ruberl is an...