Gasket is about photography. About where it is, where it’s been and where it may go in the future. It’s about photography’s pioneers, its unsung workhorses and its visionaries. It’s about different disciplines taking photography to unexpected places and using it as a means to explore a rapidly evolving world. Gasket is about photography that asks questions and tells stories. It’s about photography that is critical.

Gasket will introduce you to new artists, remind you of those who brought us here and challenge those in different disciplines to use photography in their own voice. We’ll write about exhibitions and works, both past and present, exploring ways in which traditional photographic genres are dissolving into something new.

Gasket began as a online collection which we intend to grow into a valuable resource of critical photography. We are developing exhibitions for the future and a programme of workshops and talks that we hope will build upon the critical work you see here.

We come from many different disciplines, and we’ll present what we find and explore from a multitude of perspectives.  We’ll draw upon the talent around us and we’ll feature writing and perspectives from people who we feel have unique and valuable views to offer.

At our core we are:


Michael Frank
Michael Frank is a commercial photographer with many years of studio and location experience, who decided to leave his sunbathed hometown in Italy to make a new start in his beloved “Swinging London”. Read More











Sally Hart
Sally Hart is a London-based photographer and designer who likes big empty spaces, small efficient objects and things lined up neatly in rows. Read More









Simon Saint
Simon Saint works as an architect on a broad range of projects around the world. Based in London, Simon has a passion for art, business and technology and occasionally is that guy who brought his guitar along. Read More









Johannes Rigal
Johannes Rigal is a visual sociologist, photographer, curator and workshop teacher. Born in 1983 in Vienna, he completed a BA in Development Studies at the University of Vienna before deciding to ultimately combine photography and social sciences.








Guest contributors
Guest contributors form a vital part of what Gasket hopes to achieve. A growing list of the talents and diverse voices which we draw upon will be collected here.