Adrift Vienna - Banner

On the 6th of June, Galerie Ruberl held the opening of our Adrift exhibition in Vienna. We were lucky enough to attend the opening and were incredibly happy with the response to the exhibition by both attendees and Ruberl. Open as part of Vienna’s informal Thursday night galleries, the exhibition was well attended and received compliments from the invited guests and interested passersby.

The gallery consists of a number of different rooms, in contrast to the large single space of the London exhibition. This provided an opportunity to explore more specifically the grouping of the works and defining a linear narrative to the overall exhibition. Johannes did an amazing job working with Ruberl to hang the work and they all look amazing in such a quality gallery setting.

At the exhibition space, we took a few Vines to try and show how the space looked!

Rooms 1 & 2 with works by Isidro Ramirez and Laura Braun, Paul Smith and Haraala Hamilton

Rooms 3 & 4, works by David Kendall, Simon Rowe, Nora Alissa and Lene Hald

Finally room 5 showing Manuel Vazquez and Gesche Würfel works, then a quick run back through the rooms!

We’ve also been lucky enough to receive coverage in two prestigious publications. Firstly the exhibition was included in this month’s Parnass Art Magazine, which is Austria’s leading art magazine. You can see a scan of the article in German here. Secondly we were lucky enough to have Margareta from attend the opening and cover the exhibition (again in German) here. We’re working on getting the articles translated into English and will post them here.

We are absolutely delighted with how well the exhibition has come together in Vienna and wish to thank everyone involved, especially Christa, Richard and Tina at Galerie Ruberl, Johannes Rigal and of course  all of the artists.