As part of our upcoming exhibition, Leap-Second, we are holding a two day workshop with Helen Saunders.

Helen’s unique process creates incredibly evocative images, as seen in the works exhibited in Leap-Second, and her workshop will cover some of the concepts and technical processes which go into the making of this kind of work. Helen describes the workshop as follows;

Transitional spaces within the city are often hidden from view, yet the layers of architecture and debris contained within them reveal its history. This workshop will guide participants in a photographic exploration of this often forgotten side of the city. The first day will consist of photographing sites in the local area. The following day, will guide participants through the use of photo collage, and digital painting in Photoshop to create re-imagined versions of the city. Incorporating visions of the landscape from other artists and the visual world, we will consider the construction of narratives in image creation.

Saunders, H. 'Dissolution (Still)' 2013

Saunders, H. ‘Dissolution (Still)’ 2013

We are excited to be able to host such an amazing workshop with one of our own exhibiting artists! Places will be limited, so we’ll announcing the full workshop details and how to apply in the coming days. In the the meantime, if you are interested in attending the workshop and would like to be contacted when the details are available, please get in touch by email at

In addition to the open workshop with Helen, we are also holding a community workshop with the support of the Bermondsey Square Community Fund. This workshop, run by Diego Ferrari, will provide young people local to Bermondsey the opportunity to engage with photography, art and architecture. GASKET are proud to work with the Bermondsey Square Community Fund to promote the arts and culture in the local community.