Gasket are delighted to announce our upcoming exhibition Leap-Second. Featuring 5 artists across 2 locations, Leap-Second is an exhibition which explores the relationships between time, space and perception.


1st to 5th October,
Hosted by A and D Gallery, 51 Chiltern St, London W1U 6LY

7th to 13th October
First Floor, 183-185 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UW
*with grateful support from Bermondsey Square Community Fund

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Time has an ability to be both precise and supple. It can define a moment, an era or an existence; it can be relative and absolute; it can be experienced collectively or individually, always describing our relationship with space, places and people, with nature and the city.

Despite its constant presence, the perpetual tick and tock, time has the ability to drift out of alignment. The leap second is a shift, a slight jump to realign our place within solar time. It might be so small that we don’t notice its introduction, yet it defines our place within a wider universe.

Photography has a unique ability to echo this duality. Its ability to both freeze and stretch a moment, to change our perception of the world around us, is at the heart of this exhibition. Each of the artists encourages us to experience space and relationships at a different velocity. They freeze and stretch, pulling apart and reconfiguring our understanding of the difference between what we see and what we perceive.

Leap-Second explores the in-between – those instants that might affect us unconsciously; it draws attention to moments that slip our notice, focusing our gaze on the relationships between time, space and perception.


The exhibition will feature the work of 5 very different artists, all united by a desire to engage with the perception of their environment.

Nancy Clemo, Diego Ferrari, Sally Hart, Arianna Lodeserto, Helen Saunders


Clemo, N. 'Infra' 2010

Clemo, N. ‘Infra’ 2010

Nancy (Betty) Clemo is a photographer, turned painter, returned photographer who graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2011. Currently focusing on photography and shooting on film, the artists’ drawing and painting background often presents itself in her untraditional presentation methods. Collaged from colour photographs, the final products have a painting like energy as the artists’ process remains visible, in contrast to the seamlessness of digitally produced photographic panoramas. Since leaving OCAD Nancy has helped form artist collective Catscan (focused on mentoring marginalized youth artists) and has been part of numerous exhibitions in Toronto.


Ferrari, D. 'Suspension of Consciousness' 2012

Ferrari, D. ‘Suspension of Consciousness’ 2012

Diego Ferrari is an artist and photographer; his recent work takes a fine art approach to street photography. His work interrogates the relationship between social values and public spaces, with a particular interest in the relationship between the body and its environment, articulating modes of individual and collective experiences and social relations. He studied Fine Art at the LLotga School in Barcelona, completed a Fine Art BA at Goldsmith’s College University of London and was awarded an MA in Art & Architecture at the University of Canterbury. He exhibits internationally and teaches in the course on “Photography, Art and Architecture” at Central Saint Martins and on the BA in Fine Art Photography at Kingston University and currently he is the course leader on Photography, Architecture and the City at The Enric Miralles foundation, Barcelona.


Hart, S. 'London' 2013

Hart, S. ‘London’ 2013

Sally Hart’s work is situated between architectural design, visual practice and urban sociological research. Having worked within architectural practice, Sally’s current interests are centred on the increasing influence of systems on the shape and visual representation of cities. Her work engages with computer programming as a methodology for researching and reassembling familiar spaces into alternative ways of seeing. Sally’s work has recently been presented as part of the Visual Sociology conference in London where she lives and practices.


Lodeserto, A. 'Taxi Cab' 2013

Lodeserto, A. ‘Taxi Cab’ 2013

Arianna Lodeserto explores the concept of the panoptic vision of urban environments created by contemporary ways of seeing such as those provided by Google Earth. Arianna’s aerial photomontages defuse and disrupt the urban grid, making visible the texture and disorder which are usually flattened by the objectivity of distance. Arianna has studied and exhibited widely in Paris and Rome where she currently lives and works.


Saunders, H. 'Dissolution (Still)' 2013

Saunders, H. ‘Dissolution (Still)’ 2013

Helen Saunders uses a combination of still photography and moving image to reconstruct transitional spaces of the architectural environment. Using composite imaging she plays with the established language of the landscape, drawing on imagery from cinema, painting and photography. Her work explores the narrative process and the boundaries between reality and illusion. Helen is based in London, and recently completed an MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. She has exhibited around the UK and internationally.

Gasket has always been interesting in the opportunities provided by not having a fixed address, and in Leap-Second we begin to explore the possibilities and dialogue that can be created by exhibiting work in 2 distinct locations. The show will begin in Marylebone, before transferring to Bermondsey in the following week.

For additional details, or information regarding the private view, please contact