In support of our exhibition Adrift, we’re asking our exhibiting artists four questions to help you get to know a bit about them and their work.

Manuel Vazquez’s work up to date has a constant interest in the theatricality of city life and spaces. His work places the spectator as witness of a “spectacle” where images are meticulously constructed with a strong narrative component. Vazquez studied economics in his home country Colombia. He moved to Spain in 2001 where he began his studies in photography, attended workshops at the International Center of Photography and the School of Visual Arts in New York City and recently completed an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths University in London. (bio from Manuel Vazquez)


What can a photo do that other representations can’t? What is it that made you choose photography over other media asa way of communicating?

Maybe it confuses and deceives easier than other mediums. When photography was only analogue, no other medium of representation carried  the burden of objectivity and realism in the same way. Painting and sculpture were relieved from that obsession when photography was invented. Now days, digitalization has brought photography back closer to the conventional representation, as though the weight of objectivity and realism is being lifted.

I don´t feel there was a moment when I chose photography over other media.

Theatrum Mundi. Manuel Vazquez.


What’s the first thing you remember photographing and why did you choose it as your subject?

I took 36 head shots of my self but the camera was rotated by 360 degrees. I guess I wanted the camera to show me what I couldn´t see.


How does your photographic process work, where do you start? Is it with a theory or idea, or is it driven by aesthetics or a desire to use a certain technique or piece of equipment?

I feel that most of my work comes from an initial idea that transforms and changes while trying to approach or develop it. Sometimes that idea is clearer in terms of aesthetic but at other times it develops during the process or it unfolds from the concept. A constant desire is probably to try to deconstruct the space or scene with light.

Theatrum Mundi. Manuel Vazquez.


Have you found photography to be an effective research tool? Has it uncovered ideas which have changed the path of your thinking?

Yes, if one is attentive to detail, nothing is really what it seems.


What’s your favourite fstop?

The one that shows what I am looking for at that moment.