Good friend of Gasket, Diego Ferrari, has returned from great acclaim at the Milan Image Art Fair, and will be exhibiting some of his past work as part of Red Gallery’s celebration of the 20th anniversary of a key moment in the British art scene.
Part of  the burgeoning YBA movement in the early 1990’s, Diego will be exhibiting work made at the time with a customised 35mm camera. For more details regarding the exhibition, please contact Red Gallery or Herrick Gallery via the links below.

‘A Fete Worse Than Death’

Red Gallery / Herrick Gallery
1-3 Rivington St, London EC2A 3DT

27th June to 1st August 2014

Diego Ferrari, 'Gary Hume Studio - Hoxton, Shoreditch' 1995

Diego Ferrari, ‘Gary Hume Studio – Hoxton, Shoreditch’ 1995

Diego writes ‘The flourishing of contemporary art in Britain in the 1990s is now being viewed as an historical – albeit part of contemporary history – phenomenon. The movement associated with the Young British Artists (YBAs) of the period and its contribution to the visual culture of contemporary Britain can now be looked at in retrospect with a certain amount of clarity and analysis.In a larger sense the early 1990s were a formative period not only in art but in what would become a golden age of British theatre, criticism, literature and which would coincide with a period of unprecedented prosperity. As a contemporary and a fine art photographer, Diego Ferrari had unprecedented access to many of the major figures of the YBA movement. The body of work here is underpinned by a collection of uniquely intimate and intuitive photographs, taken not for documentary purposes or with posterity in mind, and contemporary of the generation of YBAs, many of whom graduated from Goldsmith’s College. These images, taken with a customised 35mm analogue camera, constitute a body of fine art photography in themselves. Their value to a wider audience is how they narrate the YBA period, the artists and their relationships with public and private gallery spaces, their own studio spaces, and the culture at large. It is a unique and timeless document of the most creative period in contemporary British visual art culture.
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