*UPDATE 09/10/12* Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the Panel discussion that Shaun was to be a part of has been cancelled

We’re very disappointed not to be able to bring you this event and we hope to re-schedule the presentation and discussion for a future date

Shaun’s work is very much part of what the Adrift exhibition represents and we hope you’ll explore his writing and workshops further 


Making photography part of a wider discussion with other creative and academic fields is something that’s always been integral to Gasket’s aims, and it’s in this spirit that we approached the writer and teacher, Shaun Levin, to be part of our discussion.

Shaun Levin is the author of Seven Sweet ThingsA Year of Two Summers, and Snapshots of the Boy. His most recent work is a fictional biography of the London-born painter, Mark Gertler. He has taught writing for twenty years, and run workshops in cafes, art galleries, bookshops, parks, a cemetery, and a zoo. Shaun is passionate about exploring the landscape, the sea, the urban environment, as well as other art forms to enrich our stories and take writing to new and unexpected places. He has lived in London for the past fifteen years and has made the city an integral and important part of his work.’

Seven Sweet Things. Shaun Levin.

Shaun’s practice and relationship to people and the city offers a chance to explore ideas about the how we use and view public space, and how it becomes part of both of visual and written culture.

You can see Shaun’s published work here, or join him on one of his fascinating workshops exploring writing and the city.