GASKET is proud to announce our first exhibition, Adrift – The Unfamiliar Familiar in Modern Society, to be held at the Old Truman Brewery‘s Shop 14 from Monday 8th of October 2012 and running through the 13th October 2012.

Adrift will present ten artists whose photography engages directly with the increasing tension that exists between the familiar and the unfamiliar. For some it is our environment that remains constant, forcing us to seek new forms of interaction in a rapidly evolving set of relationships. For others, it is the world itself that is shifting beneath us, and we seek solace in the familiarity of routine and tangible connections.

Are we searching for how we fit in to our world, or are we searching for a world into which we fit?

The exhibiting artists come from diverse backgrounds and theoretical positions, but all share the common experience of being Goldsmiths College alumni who studied the Photography and Urban Cultures course over its past 10 years.

Theatrum Mundi, Manuel Vazquez

The artists exhibiting at Adrift are;

David Kendall

Gesche Würfel

Haraala Hamilton

Isidro Ramirez

Laura Braun

Lene Hald

Manuel Vazquez

Nora Alissa

Paul Smith

Simon Rowe

Adrift will open on Monday the 8th of October with a private view and is featured as part of the Urban Photo Fest and Photomonth – East London Photography Festival.

360 Degrees, Isidro Ramirez. Image courtesy of Troika Editions

Over the coming weeks we will be presenting the artists exhibiting through a series of short interviews. We hope that these give you an insight into the artists and their practices, enhancing your experience when visiting the exhibition and allowing you to engage with the work more deeply. You can find these collated along with all the news about Adrift here.

There are some limited invitations to the private opening available, so if you would be interested in attending please email